About us

We had our first Augmented Reality experience in 2012. Shortly after we created our first Augmented Reality demo when it became clear this disruptive technology would become our passion and mission for the future. It is a start of an exiting story in which we challenged our customers different views on their current businesses and roles.

In 2016 I started TheServiceConcept.com and Bert joined one year later. Together with a pool of expertise we have participated in projects in the field of construction, (light) railway, training, education and operations.

The pool of expert is a group of skilled people. They all have earned their stripes in different industries. They have helped developing the concepts and applications. They have pushed it to the highest standards and ensure they add value.

Our aim is:

TSC Benefits


Please feel free to contact us! It is a pleasure to meet you!


Averell, Bert en Willemien | TheServiceConcept.com



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