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TheServiceConcept.com is specialized in developing Augmented – Mixed and Virtual Reality solutions for education, training and operational support.
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Maintenance technicians play a fundamental role in ensuring the success of the system reliability, yet despite this, there are numerous errors in construction and maintenance operations. It is nearly impossible to completely eliminate human error, the goal of maintainability from a human factor perspective is to minimize them, preventing failure and restoring failed systems effectively with minimum risk of errors in the field or workshop.

By transferring processed knowledge and experience of the skilled inspector into (animated) information, we are be able to reduce errors. The application show relevant information in each step of the process added with 3D and animated elements which reduce the chance of misinterpretation.

Augmented – Mixed and Virtual Reality technology  will enable a new kind of technicians

For all sectors it is key to the continuing expansion of industrialized nations, but the sector’s working conditions and human performance requirements are qualitatively different from other industries. Human error contributes to the majority of incidents within complex systems.

The adoption of new emergent technologies is supporting the workers to perform their maintenance operations for a specified time period under specified conditions reducing the probability of failures:

  • guiding through complex maintenance task the technicians;
  • gathering the operators results and feedback;
  • reducing of costs and time for service and maintenance;
  • reducing of costs and time for training and education;
  • enhancing guidelines, documentation of work processes and component lifecycles;
  • increasing the level of safety and decreasing the human error probability;

Our aim is to develop applications for assisting the workers during training and operational activities in different sectors evaluating the actual level of feasibility of the technology and assessing the possible improvements in terms of effectiveness and reduction of human errors.

We are already active in the railway and automotive industry and are doing research with International companies and universities.

We are able to calculate the savings for your organization. This requires just little investment and effort from the customer. Are you interested in starting POC’s, pilots or tests to investigate the impact and effect of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Realty solutions for your organization, please feel free to contact us?

augmented information in a pre-skill set and by remote assistance

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