How we work?

TheServiceConcept works closely together with a pool of experts out of different industries and fields. The team includes AR developers, LEAN experts, learning and development specialists, HR and asset management professionals. Depending on your question and requirements we will add the right professional to the team.

How we start?

We start with a test, POC or pilot which will show the benefits of augmented, mixed and virtual reality technology for your organization. This is our step by step approach:

TSCcirclesmodel of sustainable knowledge

Step 1

  • Securing the knowledge and experience of your expert workers.

Step 2

  • Training and testing the knowledge of your workers and getting insight in possible pitfalls of junior and new workers.

Step 3

  • Enabling digitized knowledge and experience using augmented – mixed reality application.

Step 4

  • Bringing together ‘new’ insights and knowledge from the workers using the application in an easy to understand dashboard.

From knowledge to ‘new’ knowledge

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