Virtuele Leermeester – stand van zaken

We kindly would like to introduce you to the way we work and show you how we identify customer needs and come to deliverables. To the platform unlimited number of products, systems and skills can be added. In the end we establish learning improvement, retention, reduce training time more fun in learning!

For this client we have incorporated a Skillset with:

  • exploded views
  • library with related documents
  • virtual installation
  • training
  • simulation

Additionally we have incorporated a watch function that allows the expert and / or tutor to support the students remotely from where ever they are. This function works seamless in combination with the virtual content.

  • remote assistant / support

Step 1

From the manufacturer we have received the 3d models of their products. We have animated them and made compatible for the Hololens.

Step 2

The tutor provided us information, knowledge and experience and showed us the proces and what skills are required in order to install the heat pump safely and without mistakes. He explained us the pitfalls, regulation and safety precautions te consider for the installation. To cover all this we especially we added and created content and animation to make it understandable for the unskilled worker.

Step 3

All functionalities are tested at our offices in Serbia and Rotterdam.

Step 4

After we have tested and optimized our the technical aspects of the app we start testing with the client. In the video the tutor provides us input on what can be improved. On the other hand we gather all information in order to optimize usability.

Test 5

Here we test with the students and tutor. Not only form a technical perspective we test, but also from a cognitive perspective we test. Our rule is does the student understand the teaching materials and is he/ she able to install the heat pump virtually safe and without mistakes. The tutor from the academy and expert from the installation company are the judges. Together with the student they provide suggestions for improvement. If required we run test again.

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